SPECIAL INTERVIEW: 3 Months In... // New Agent Check-In with Grant Burnett


In this special interview with Grant Burnett, Kenny follows up after Grant has been full-time in Real Estate for 3 months. Hear about his transition and what life looks like 3 months into his new career.

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We are back once again and we have a special treat for you today….. You are going to love this.  I want to pause for a second and thank you for your loyalty to Rookie Real Estate. Consistent growth each week, wonderful feedback.  I’m thankful for your reviews, emails and comments.

Heather says on apple:   “I’m a huge fan of podcasts and I have found this one to be a new favorite!  Kenny is an amazing speaker, his passion for the topics he is presenting is contagious!  He shares useful information and tips that you can start implementing right away. Regardless of where you are in your career you will find the information helpful.  I’m thrilled to have found this podcast, give it a try… you won’t be disappointed.

As I said, you guys are going to love today’s podcast.  I have a special guest. A name that one day, could very well be a household name.  His passion for life is unmatched and this guys is rapidly becoming a mover and shaker….. My friends, please welcome Grant Burnett.  Grant has just completed his 3rd month in real estate! 3 MONTHS! 90 DAYS!!! What better guest could I have than a guy who is all up in the middle of what I’m sharing with you each week?!?  

As for a future “household” name….. You’ve got to start somewhere and there is no doubt in my mind that this guy will impact the real estate industry for years to come.  

Thank you for coming Grant, let’s dive right in!  

1.) Grant, tell me about your previous J.O.B, what you did, tell me about your family and some of your history... what's your story?

a.) Age

b.) Marriage/Wife

c.) Schooling

d.) J.O.B. in family business

2.) What first sparked an interest in Real Estate and what fueled that interest?

a.) Mentor?

b.) Money?

c.) Freedom?

3.) What did your transition look like, tell us how you built a plan and how that plan played out.

a.)What were your steps?

b.) How did you breach w/wife?

c.) Save up 3 months?

d.) part-time to full-time?    

4.) Tell me about your first week FULL-TIME!  What did you do?

a.) How did you feel waking up that first day?

b.) Kissing your wife and leaving home?

c.) Walking into the office?

d.) Lunch time?

e.) Going back home?

5.) How long did it take you to close your first deal?

a.) From the day you got your license, to closing your first deal?

b.)Your process in capturing leads?

c.) Capture to closing… how was that process for you?

6.) What does a normal week and weekend look like for you now, at 3 months?

7.) Have you seen a change in yourself after only 3 months?  

a.) Maybe a change at home?

b.) What did you do with your first commission check?

c.) How did it feel to close your first deal?

8.) What's the hardest part so far?

9.) What scares you the most at this point? *** let’s talk about this answer before recording

10.) Let's talk about the learning curve.  

a.) how are you learning

b.) have you found a way to give back yet?

11.) Have you been "stumped" by anybody yet

a.) Shooting from the hip?

b.) “busted” not knowing the answer to something?

12.) What are your goals for your first full year and how do you plan to get there?

13.) If you could speak into a person's life who was dreaming of becoming a Realtor, what would you say(it's hard, create a plan, pray, be on the same team with your spouse, let the fear drive you, listen to rookie real estate :-)


Guys, please reach out and send Grant some love!  You can email it to: Kenny@rookierealestate.com  This guy just bore his soul for your benefit.  This is HUGE! Each of our process is the same, it’s just rare to capture a rookie agent at this stage and document the raw emotions of the process.  

Special thanks to my producer extraordinaire, Scott Parker…. I couldn’t do this without him… You would not be hearing this with my boy, Scott!  This content is written by me, your host, Kenny Stephens.

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Until next time my friends, #Betteryourbest!