Ep. 10 - 60 FREE-ish Lead Generation Ideas (Part 2)


From time to time everyone needs a good idea! Here are 60 FREE-ish lead generation ideas to get your gears turning! Happy selling! 2 of 2 parts.

Hello my friends, Kenny Stephens here and welcome to Rookie Real Estate, where your road to success begins right here, and right now!

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Success is in the details my friends and we are going to unpack the fundamental principles required for you to thrive!  Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Note from the editor: We are picking up right where we left off in part 1. So, if you haven’t listen/read part 1, please do so before listening/reading this episode!

Thanks! - Scott

…Send out Birthday cards and anniversary cards to SOI & past clients.  Call your past-clients on the anniversary of the purchase of their home.  I send Happy Anniversary text all the time because I save the closing date in my phone as an annual event.  I put the year they closed and list their kids names in the calendar event…. Then text them. The first time, they are confused… after that they expect it!  It’s fun. It keeps you front of mind, I promise.

You maybe asking… Kenny how is some of this lead generation.  This is exactly what lead generation is! Keeping yourself front-of-mind with everybody you know and meet!  Don’t be a Secret Agent! Be the local expert!

Send out tax impact letters in January

Give your buyers a stack of 30 “Just moved” cards for them to send to their friends and family. Put a picture of their house on it and your contact information in case they too want to buy/sell.

Send out your mission/vision statement to your farm & SOI

Create stationary and blank “thank you notes” that you can hand write letters to….. Immediately send everybody who send you a referral, a thank you note.  Your an agent, you have access to tax record, find out where somebody lives and send them a letter to their home. I love meeting people at networking events and sending them a hand written note to their personal home…… it’s a little creepy but shows that I went through the trouble.  I usually get phone calls thanking me for the card. I often joke about being “big brother” knowing everything about everybody….. Have fun with it.

Call 10 people a day, 5 days a week.  Collect business cards, call them. Call your SOI.  Call past clients, call 10 people everyday

Before you leave your office on Friday, call 2 people and wish them a great weekend.  Tell them about an open house you are hosting or invite them to the park for a playdate with the kids…… If you don’t like calling people or making contact with people, this may not be the career for you.   

You need to find a way to touch everybody you know about 12 times per year.  Always providing value or offering a service and always have a “call to action”.  People are used to being told what to do…. Tell them to call you!

Sponsor a kids sports team and then go to every ball game.  It’s helpful if you know a kid on the team…. Or maybe know one of the coaches.  Teams are tickled to death to get $250 sponsorship. Maybe they will put you on their shirts/jerseys.  Bring snacks to the games. Wear your logo on your shirt!

Create a “expired listing campaign”  Most MLSs give you access to expired listings.  Mail to them or buy a list and call them. Ask why their home didn’t sell.  Most will blame it on their agent but it’s most likely the listing price being too high or their property has delayed maintenance.  Offer a free 30 minute staging consult. Go into their home and tell them what buyers are looking for. Be an expert.

Create a “FSBO” campaign. Develop material seller’s need.  Knock on the door and ask them how they are doing…. Don’t offer to sell their house the first time.  Ask them for a tour. Ask them about the price. Look it up on-line or google the address and see if they have it posted anywhere.  Look up recent sales in their neighborhood and be able to quote what Bob & Suzy sold their home for three weeks ago. Talk about how Jerry and Sally took 8 months to sell their home.  You can get seller’s names from the tax record. It’s easy. Be an expert. Know how many homes like theirs is listed in that zip code. This will show them what kind of competition they have and likely show them that they need your expertise…. Without you saying it directly.  Just work the stats into the conversation while they are giving you a tour.

Invite a client into your home for a dinner at your table.  Especially if somebody is new to town and you really like them.  Even if they are a young couple and you’ve been married for 15 years.  Love on them. Past clients too. You are bound to serve people that you would like to be friends with.  

Sponsor a hole at a golf tournament…. Have a game for the golfers to play while they are waiting to tee off.    

Take a day and play golf with 3 other people.  Play best ball and who ever has the longest drive or longest putt…. Buy them a drink in the clubhouse at the turn or when you are done.

Host a Christmas Party in your home and invite all your friends and past clients/current clients/vendors and co-workers.  Spend a couple of hundred dollars on finger foods and offer a special adult drink that fits the season or whatever is popular.  People love to get dressed up and go to a party. Also a good chance to invite your neighbors over too. Make it a 4 hour event so that people can come and go.  

Find people that you want to get to know better and ask them to coffee.  Talk about THEM the whole time. Find out everything about them. Make a connection.  Don’t worry, I’m sure at some point, they will ask about you but reply short and move back to something they like.  

Go door knocking in a neighborhood and offer to send people home values.  Tell them what their neighbor sold for. Ask them if they or somebody they know are looking to buy and sell.  Tell them your company has buyers who are interested in their area.

Host or attend seasonal events.  Fourth of July, Halloween costume contest, Murder mystery parties…..

Poker night

Host a viewing of the “Bachelor Season Finale”

Ask agents with listings in your neighborhood if they would allow you to host an open house at their listing….. Ask agents in your company if you could host an open house at any of their listings.  It’s a great way to capture buyers.

Join local civic groups, volunteer to speak if they need a speaker.  

Buy radio adds.  Record :30 spots.  Do it for at least a year.

TV Ads(expensive)

Buy a license plate that says SOLD.  It’s a conversation starter. Get a speciaized plate if available in your city. HOME4U,  SOLD, SELLING…. Anything you can get 7 charters.

Post adds in local movie theaters

Offer to write for local news papers

Write a blog

Create a podcast…. Doesn’t have to be real estate related.  Make it about something you like to talk about.

Advertise on park benches

Wrap your car if you are BOLD enough

Wear a name tag or have your logo on your shirt or jacket.  It’s a conversation starter.

Buy leads and do some cold calling(not my personal favorite but works for some)

Ad space on magazines(good for branding but tough to track…. Long game)

Offer a discount of your services to local charity silent auctions.   

Networking groups: join as many groups as you can stand, civic groups, hobby groups(running clubs), play sports(old man basketball).

Reach out to HR Directors

Attend seminars

Join a local Real Estate Investor Group

Meet with lenders….. Tell them you will match them one-for-one

Host lunch and learns at local businesses (5-50) people, team up with a lender and split the cost.  

Pick a neighborhood other than your own and mail to them.  Maybe do some of the events I mentioned earlier but in another location.  

Join agent referral networks like (CRS)

Volunteer to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity….. Meet people there.  Give back.

Make a list of every new-construction subdivision in your area and make it a point to meet the Model Home Agent.  Often, they work for the builder and can’t sell outside their subdivision. Tell them you will give them a referral if they have a buyer that needs to sell their home prior to moving.  

Meet local divorce attorneys.

Join the PTO at kids school.  Host a breakfast for the teachers at the local school.  Sponsor a field day at the school. Sponsor the sports team at your kids school.  Get involved. Your going to have to be there twice a day anyway….. Maximise your time!    

Make friends with local office staff at apartment complexes.   Those people tend to know when people are looking to buy a home.  

Shake hand and kiss babies.  Don’t be a stranger. Complement people, stay off your phone and make eye contact with others.  Engage, Connect, Serve, SMILE! Enjoy life and people will want to be around you! They will be drawn to you.

The most successful agents I know merely live life in their space.  They utilise opportunities to serve their community. They are engaged.  You can’t sit on your couch….. Get up and go to work…. Kill something and drag it home.  

You don’t have to do all 60 of these.  You only need a few legs to stand on. But, given the right mind set, you will naturally do many of these things as if they are second nature.

Don’t forget to Reject Passivity, Accept Responsibility, Lead Courageously and Expect God’s reward!   

That’s if for today my friends.  Please email me your stories. Give us all something you have learned about connecting.  I’d love for our community of listeners to be “sharers”, pouring into one another.

Special thanks to my producer, marketing expert and friend: Scott Parker. This content is written by me, your host, Kenny Stephens.  Rookie Real Estate is powered by DeSelms Real Estate in Franklin Tennessee.

Until next week, Better your Best!