Ep. 8 - Connecting To Make A Difference


Have you googled your name? Your clients will research you! Listen to this episode and learn how to increase your lead generation by making some simple adjustments.

Hello my friends, Kenny Stephens here and welcome to Rookie Real Estate, where your road to success begins right here, and right now!

Whether you are looking to transition from your day-job to your dream-job or you are on the road to your first 50 transactions…..

Success is in the details my friends and we are going to unpack the fundamental principles required for you to thrive!  Are you ready? Let’s do this!

WOW!  What a response!  A couple of weeks ago I jumped into three ways to generate leads and the response was crazy!  You people are HUNGRY! I love it!

Don’t forget, your questions and stories can be sent to Kenny@rookierealestate.com  People want to know what the REAL life of a Real Estate Agent is like.  What we do to win, how we struggle, how we overcome…. It the blood sweat and tears work it!  OF COURSE THEY ARE PEOPLE! GO OUT THERE AND GET SOME BATTLE WOUNDS! Let’s do this!

Man, what a crazy week!  Yesterday I met with two men.  One is already an agent and the other just learned that his job transferred his position to another state…. Of which he wasn’t willing to move!  

Two grown men over the age of 40 living completely different lives, yet almost the exact same wants, needs and dreams!  

Sometimes I wonder when we will all slow down long enough and expose ourselves to our fellow brothers and sisters…. Knowing that we all are wired the same.  We crave purpose, we seek happiness in our careers, we are created for CONNECTION, wired to SERVE! It’s in our DNA.

It’s kinda cool that I knew each of these men from different social groups.  I know their wives, their children…. I’ve lived life with these men and we are sitting across from each other talking about Real Estate!  About our “why”.

Conversation like this and conversation with YOU on this podcast cause me to pause. To be thankful for each of you.   I want to create value in your lives, to share content that will help you WIN! So, here we go!

Hands down, LEAD GENERATION is the go-to topic at many conferences I’ve been to.  I’m always intrigued by the hype of the next shiney nickel offered to agents…… Sometimes I laugh, because I once heard…. If you want to get rich in Real Estate, you should find something to sell to real estate agents.  

I’m fixing to unload a ton of lead-generation ideas that cost little to nothing!  Things that virtually little budget is required to generate business. I rub elbows with industry rock stars!  Most wouldn’t know me from Adam, yet when given the chance to talk shop…… they are always asking the same questions.  How is business? What’s working for you? Meaning, how are you making M.O.N.E.Y!

A couple weeks ago I shared that we all need 3 sources of leads.  

For our company, we have our agents start with their Sphere of Influence.  Everybody you know put into an excel spreadsheet or into google docs, printed off, laminated and put above your visor, uploaded to your lead management system.  Everything you do is designed to touch these people who already know you and to add to that list everyday if possible. Everybody you meet, goes into your lead management system.  Some of the things I’m fixing to share will include this list of people and how you can touch them.

So, 1st create a list of the people you know….. Your SOI.

Then, work leads that are give to you by your brokerage.  Hopefully there is some low hanging fruit there. Maybe a “desk day” where you get to answer all the calls that come in or an on-call day where you get all the leads that hit the companies website.  However your company gives out leads, take advantage of this opportunity.

SOI, Company leads and then…… identifiy something that interest you from the following list.  

If you want a copy of this list, go to RookieRealEstate.com and download it from there.  If you are driving, don’t wreck…… I’m giving this away for free.

This is in no paticular order.  Print the list and figure out how you want to impliment some of these items.  All of these require ACTION. Meaning, you actually have to do something to generate business.   You can’t sit at home, hoping somebody will knock on your front door and ask you to sell their house.  

  1. Start with your neighborhood.  OWN your neighborhood. I don’t care how many agents cards/flyers in the mail, figure out a way to take over!!! You say; “how”.... Here you go:

a.) Host a block party.  Hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches for your street, your cul-de-sac, your whole neighborhood.  Get on the board of your HOA and see if they will let you host an event. Maybe they will help.  

b.) Host a Movie night in your back-yard, or in some common space, or a projector against your garage door.  Maybe a Hockey Game when your city is in the pay-offs. Something to get people together. Create a sign up sheet for Facebook private page.  Even if the neighborhood already has one, create a silly one just for you and your neighbors.

c.) Slip & Slides are great fun

d.) If you are a chick, have a weekly morning walk around the neighborhood with other ladies, bust out the strollers if you have kids…. Name is something fun/catching.  Connect with the people you have around you where you share the same “space”.

e.) Have a pool party in your neighborhood pool.  You don’t have to invite the whole subdivisoin if that isn’t allowed by the HOA, just contact the people you already know(invite new neighbors) and have a pot-luck, late into the evening on a hot summer day.  

f.) Christmas carol with other families, to older neighbors.  

g.) Use the data base you’ve created to host hot coco at your house on snow days.  Maximise your social creativeness. Have fun! CONNECT!

Maybe you live in an apartment.  Download the tax record for your complex and mail to them.  Create a private facebook page of tenants that dream of owning a home one day.  Meet once a month for a social event in the club house or at a local dive. Host buyer workshops. Team up with a mortgage lender like Churchill Mortgage and host a Saturday Lunch & Learn.  Host a Financial Peace University series by Dave Ramsey in your club house or a local civic area or church. Invite your whole apartment complex. Mail to them monthly or even every other week, depending on your budget.  Share videos about cool places in your complex, town. Be the source of information based on what the main office sends out….. But have fun with it. Maybe the complex sends out a warning about pipes freezing. Take that bulletin and create a fun video to share on the closed facebook page.  Highlight a “meet your neighbor” flyer to post at the main mailbox area….. Be creative.

OK, moving on.  You get the point.  

Send out just listed or just sold post cards to your SOI or your neighborhood.  In my MLS, you can feature other homes that sold, you just cant say you were the one who sold it if you didn’t…. We call that lying.  But, check the rules. Send out “just sold” postcards of homes that sold in your neighborhood…. BE THE SOURCE of information! Have a “call to action” where they email you for a “home evaluation” report.  

Branding yourself is a great way to stay front of mind.  Giving out note pads with your name and logo on it. Glue a magnant to it so people can stick it to their frige.  

Send out a mailing to your SOI or neighorbhood with a “coupon” or special offering for that month.  Make sure your face is on everything!

Create a “vendor” directory of local professions that are often used by homeowners.  Electricians, plumbers, termite/pest control company etc. Highlight them on your social media and mailing if you want.  Partner with them in the cost of hosting an even in your neighborhood…. If the company is too big and too busy, find a smaller company.  Work with people who are of like mind and are hungry.

Special thanks to Scott Parker, my engineer, my marketing & design manager, my photographer, my videographer and my friend.  We would not be here without Scott…. Thanks, brother!

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All the content is written by me, your host, Kenny Stephens… I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together.  Until next time my friends…. #Betteryourbest