Ep. 6 - Get Your Life Back With Time Blocking


Increase your productivity, invest in your family, and get your life back with time blocking. Block out your time and use a calendar otherwise your time will block you out of what you want to do.

Hello my friends, Kenny Stephens here and welcome to Rookie Real Estate, where your road to success begins right here, and right now!

Whether you are looking to transition from your day-job to your dream-job or you are on the road to your first 50 transactions…..

Success is in the details my friends and we are going to unpack the fundamental principles required for you to thrive!  Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Good morning my friends!  Thank you for inviting me back into your world.   I honestly love bringing you these episodes and I know you have countless options on how you can spend your time..  So, thank you! Please share this with somebody who needs to hear it…. You know who they are! Rookie Real Estate can be found on all podcast platforms.  Also, feel free to send your questions and comments to Kenny@RookieRealEstate.com. I promise I’ll read every email sent!  

Speaking of TIME!  

Today when you woke up, the clock started.  The race began!! You’ve got 16 waking hours ahead of you.  16 hours! If you’ve got a J.O.B. you’ve likely got 8 of those hours accounted for but even still, that leaves 10 hours!  10 hours to do anything you want to do!

Here is a question for you: Have you ever woke up and wondered…. “What am I going to do today?”  of course you have but PLEASE don’t tell me it’s everyday. It CAN’T be! At least not in Real Estate.  Not if you are a Rookie trying to launch. Not if you are on the road to your first 50 transactions!

Your best day ever, must start the night before!  

Here’s another question for ya: Does your day reflect your goals, your wants and needs or are you just “busy”.... finding yourself climbing the wrong mountain…. Day after day?

Today we are going to tackle “Time Blocking”.  I want you to have an idea of what the “Day in the life” of a Real Estate Agent looks like….. Or at least SHOULD look like.  Did you hear me earlier when I said…. “Your best day ever, starts the night before”? It doesn’t matter what the next 12 months hold, it matters how you prepare for the next 24 hours.  You’ve likely heard the old saying….. “How do you eat an elephant”? One bite at a time. I love that visual. I love that we can break down our day and make it really count.

I’ve got to admit my friends, there are times I’m great at this and other times… not so much.  I can wake up with the best of intentions and end up chasing my tail by lunch time. You see, in most professions…. You likely have one main boss and maybe an office manager that dictates your time at work.  In Real Estate, you’ve now picked up 6,8 & 10 bosses. Each homeowner whos ½ Million dollar house you list, has just became your boss…. In their minds. Now, if you’ve done your job right and set the correct expectations in your listing presentation, maybe they see your relationship more as a partnership, with you actually being in charge.  However, there are a ton of factors that play into how that happens and definitely for another day. My point is, when your ½ Million Dollar client calls you, the lady or gentleman who will soon pay you $15,000 of their hard earned money…… they tend to expect you to answer the phone. Fair? I think so…. What happens when you are listing 3-5 new homes per week and are floating a couple of buyers at the same time?  Now it’s getting real….. TIME all of a sudden becomes a commodity(a useful or valuable thing, such as water or time).

Time management, time blocking, proper sleep, proper diet, proper exercise, quality time with your spouse or significant-other and children(Notice, I put spouse or significant other first… assuming you have one).  When you ignore him or her, things are fixing to change in your world…. Keep an eye on him or her… seriously! Now the list I just shared are essential to success and your health…… and if ignored, one or all will soon be your main focused, resulting in massive amounts of lost productivity.  Let’s stay focused and well balanced.

Do you know what  the definition of productivity is or translates into?  It’s called a paycheck. I see everyday a lot of “busy” agents.  I fall into that trap myself from time to time. But, over the last 15 years of quality therapy, I can “feel” immediately when anxiety enters my body and I’ve gotten pretty good at pinpointing quickly what triggered it….. More times than not, it revolves around my “time management or the lack there of”  The cool phrase is called time blocking and it really does draw a mental picture that is helpful and effective. Set your day up for success. Build your day, the night before so that you can sleep well…. Not worrying about forgetting something or what the next day brings…. It’s already planned out. Expectations are set.  Everybody is on board.

There is an amazing book that I highly recommend, “The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents”.  It breaks down how to get your morning started off right. Focused on your mind/body and spirit. It’s worth the read.  I promise.

After you’ve got your morning planned, you MUST remain focused on ONE major topic…. DOLLAR PRODUCING ACTIVITY!  Here is where the train derails for real estate agents. The get busy on stuff that doesn’t produce them money. Yes, there are a lot of things that have to be done.  A lot of t’s that need crossing and i’s that need dotting… BUT, you’ve GOT to make money! Luckly, there are only a about 4 main ways to make money in real estate, in general.  

  1. One-on-one connections

  2. Attending events & social functions

  3. Phone calls

  4. Handwritten notes

The book “7 levels of communication” displays this in a neat pyramid for a great visual.  Read this book. I’m only touching on the top four because they are the most important… the 5th level is “electronic communication…. Meaning e-mail”  that’s why I stopped where I did.

Here you go my friends, here is the meat of what you need to hear today.

Pull out a paper calendar that list all the waking hours of a day.  Get a pencil and lets get started!

  1. Block out the time that must take place “one time events” (taking kids to school, picking them up, doctors appointments, sports activities, pre-scheduled training… hard line items you can not miss).  Hopefully there is still time left in your day. Remember, you’ve got approx 16 waking hours.

  2. Create your ideal moring(focus on YOU first)

a.) wake up time(preferably early) & drink a massive glass of water

b.) 10-15 minutes reading

c.) 5 minutes meditation

d.) 5 minutes exercise or stretching… loosen up the body

e.) Dress for success

f.) Healthy breakfast & of course your morning coffee/tea

3.)   The very next thing MUST be “Dollar producing activity” we break down into 4 catigories.

a.) Who can you meet that day for a one-on-one(keep a running list ready to pick from) don’t forget to add in “drive time” on your schedule… NEVER be late!  If you are on-time, you are late. The worst way to meet with somebody is by telling them their time does not matter because whatever you allowed to happen that caused you to be late, meant more than “their time”.  People know that if I’m late, you better start calling local hospitals because something bad has happened.

b.) Schedule your social events for that day/week.  Know where you need to be and be seen.  Plan to work the room. Study the latest article NAR puts out or your local association.  Have something productive to discuss about your field when you meet people. Yes, be social and preferably let them talk about themselves more that you talk about you…. But have something meaningful to say if you get a chance to talk.  Have your elevator pitch ready… don’t you dare tell somebody you are a Realtor, when they ask what you do! They already know 30 realtors and probably don’t like 29 of them! Think about it… we will cover this soon, in another podcast.

c.) Block out “Call time”! Dialing for dollars as I’ve heard it referred to in real estate. Touching your database, calling leads….. This is where you make your money!  Somebody hits your website, don’t wait 3 days to call them! They are gone. Allow margin in your day to be able to stop what you are doing and call a new lead instantly!  You have an 80% better chance to capture them if you call them within the first 90 seconds. Your odds drop drastically from there! CALL THEM! NOW! You’ve got time. It’s the reason we are block our day so that you have the freedom to stop what you are doing and capture a lead!  What could possibly be more productive? They have a need at that moment and you call to fulfill that need by setting a one-on-one appointment.

c.) Decide who you will write 3-5 handwritten notes to that day.  Love on somebody!  You scroll enough facebook to know that somebody you care about needs some encouragement.  Write them a note and don’t mention real estate…. Just send it on a card that has you name and logo.  It will trigger their memory. Also, after you have a one-on-one with somebody, write them a handwritten note, thanking them for their time.  It’s powerful!

These four activities are what everyday should hold.  Build your calendar before your calendar builds your day!  You may not have social activities everyday but if it’s possible, try. Don’t miss this opportunity.  Join a BNI group. Get on a board of directors somewhere. Force yourself to get involved in your community.  Become a social butterfly(some of you just threw-up a little in your mouth, I’m sure).

NOW, when you already have those four things on your calendar, combined with powerful morning set to empower “Y>O>U” ….. You have margin in your day to work in the other things that come up.  Like “showing appointments” with buyers. Listing appointments with sellers. Professionals have a calendar they have to refer to BEFORE they can commit to another appointment.

If your kid plays soccer, set an appointment for every tuesday from 4:30 to 6:00 with your child.  So, when a client calls needing your time…. You already have an appointment at that time and you can give them other free options, based on your schedule.  Not, oh…. My kid has soccer. “Well, can’t your husband or a friend take them to soccer? Can they skip practice?” They will not ask you to cancel an “appointment”....  

Wrapping up with a few more points:

a.) Does your calendar reflect your goals

b.) have you made appointments for “you-time”?

c.) Don’t give distractions power, stick to your schedule

d.) Massively increase productivity and decrease stress

e.) Use the work “appointment” even if it’s family time.

f.) Time block so that you can focus on “one thing” effectively

g.) Build your ideal day and stick with it.  Written down! Google calendar with your spouse if powerful but only for the family events and major appointments.  Keep your day written down on paper, a journal or paper calendar if possible.

h.) Never be late again and always over-deliver…. Beyond their expectations.

i.) Allow time for daily learning, study your field, become an expert

j.) If you need to lose weight, schedule time for that to be a priority

k.) Don’t be busy being busy

l.) Block out highest priorities first

m.) Laser focus, better your best

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Until next time my friends, Better Your Best!